1. Comprehensive Understanding of The Employment Act And Its Practical Applications ( to be read with Child Development Co-Savings Act )

2. Industrial Relations Legislation and its Practical Applications (including Collective Bargaining and Collective Agreement and the role of Ministry of Manpower and Industrial Arbitration Court) btn_more_details
3. Contract Law for HR Practitioners ( with emphasis on employment contracts and agreements ) btn_more_details
4. The Law of Dismissal of Employees in Singapore (including grievance handling and discipline) btn_more_details
5. Essential Employment Laws for Line Managers / Supervisors and HR Business Partners  btn_more_details
6. Handling Workplace Investigations and Conducting Disciplinary Inquiry  btn_more_details
7. Employment of Foreign Manpower Act and its Practical Applications (with emphasis on the employment of non-traditional source of foreign workers under work permit) btn_more_details
8. Work Injury Compensation Act and its Practical Applications btn_more_details
9. Retirement and Re-Employment Act and its Practical Applications btn_more_details
10. Workplace Safety Health Act and its Practical Applications  btn_more_details
11. The Central Provident Fund Act and its Practical Applications (with emphasis on compensation and Payroll Management)  btn_more_details
12. Negotiation Skills for Human Resource and Industrial Relations Professionals btn_more_details
13. Industrial Relations Institutions, Processes and Practices in Singapore btn_more_details
14. Employment (Part-Time Employees) Regulations and its Practical Applications (to be read with part 6A of Employment Act) btn_more_details
15. Legal aspect of Payroll Administration and it Practical Applications btn_more_details