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HR Law Academy provides consultancy or auditing services to corporations in the areas of employment laws and industrial relations legislation and practices to help corporations to have win-win…


It provides the basic terms and conditions of employment. It also spells out the rights and obligations of employers and employees…

HR Law Academy Training Centre

The HR Law Academy Training Centre is located at Singapore Shopping Centre, 190 Clemenceau Avenue, #02-19/20/31 and Clifford Centre, #20-06 It boasts exceptional facilities for training, seminars and other group meetings for up to 70 people. Call us and discuss how we can assist in your training room needs.

Employment Act Training and HR Law Courses

Should I attend a workshop on the Employment Act?

Mastering and knowing how to apply the Employment Act is both a skill and an art.  Besides knowing the statute, a Human Resource (HR) practitioner also needs to have practical experience in knowing how to apply the Employment Act in different situations. Often, no situation is the same as dealing with human relationships is a complex task. Hence, equipping yourself with knowledge from our Principal Consultant Arthur Khong, an experienced HR trainer with an expertise in employment law, will help you understand and apply the Employment Act. HR Practitioners who are armed with a sound understanding of employment laws will have an edge over their counterparts and will be able to put their organisation in good stead and mitigate organisational risks.

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