About Us

About Us

HR Law Courses Specialist in Singapore

HR Law Academy is not just an ordinary human resource training and consultancy company. HR is the abbreviation for Human Resources. The company name, HR Law Academy, was very carefully thought through before it was finally chosen as the founder aims for it to be the premier training and consultancy service provider for human resource practitioners in Singapore on Singapore employment laws and industrial relations legislations. Uniquely at HR Law Academy, its founder is the principal Trainer and Consultant for its workshops, training programmes and consultancy services. HR Law Academy focuses on employment laws and industrial relations legislations in Singapore. We are a HR Law Courses Specialist in Singapore

The HR Law Academy welcomes both practising lawyers and law students alike to attend its workshops if they wish to gain an insight into how human resource practitioners apply the Singapore employment laws and industrial relations regulations in practice from the human resource management’s perspective. Practising lawyers are not allowed to represent their clients when a legal employment dispute between an employer and an employee or a trade union has been referred to the Ministry of Manpower or the Singapore Arbitration Court.

To be competent at their jobs, human resource practitioners need to constantly keep themselves abreast of the latest employment legislations. In recent years, the Singapore Government has introduced various pieces of labour legislation which employers have to comply with. Employment matters and new policies, regulations and rules in employment law can often be both complex and confusing, even for the most seasoned human resource practitioners. Failure to comply with any employment regulations with the proper administration can put an employer in a vulnerable position and subject the employer to the risks of unlawful practices, lawsuits and litigations which can cause a great deal of stress, lowered productivity and high employee turnover.

With the above in mind, HR Law Academy aims to enable human resource practitioners to efficiently resolve employment issues for their employers through its various employment law and industrial relations workshops and training programmes. Only when they are equipped with a clear and good understanding of the Singapore employment legislation, then will human resources practitioners be able to help their employers minimise the risks as mentioned above.