Associate Principal Trainer – Mr Jeffery Ang

Investigation-Courses-SingaporeConsultant Jeffery Ang, 52 years of age, has more than 15 years experience in training and investigations. He started his training experience in Police Head Quarters assisting in the setting up of the Areas Command Training Unit responsible for the development of in-service training for officers in all the Police Divisions. He received a testimonial for his outstanding training abilities in 1986.

Subsequently he was selected for wider exposure in the investigation field and seconded to Commercial Affairs Department in 1992 where he was involved in investigating major fraud cases, some of which made news headlines. In 1995 he was specially selected to lead the newly formed Intellectual Property Rights Warrant Enforcement Unit in CID where he conducted many successful major operations. He gained tremendous experience in interrogating skillful conman during this 7 years period.

Because of his vast experience he was selected to be the Training Officer for CID in April 1998. There he developed the Interview Techniques Course and became the pioneer instructor in the Interview techniques Course conducted by CID for all Police Investigators and other Government agencies. He also conducted the course for the Royal Brunei Police on special request by their Commissioner in May 1999 and was commended by the Commissioner for conducting the course in a very professional manner.

He also played a major role in the setting up of the new School of Criminal Investigation for CID in 2001 and the development of the various Investigation courses including the intermediate & advance investigation course including course assessments. He remained in the School as a Trainer and Training Research, Curriculum Development & Evaluation Officer until his retirement in Sep 2002. During that time he was presented with two Commendations and two Director CID Awards acknowledging his outstanding training abilities.

He is engaged by the Civil Service College since Dec 2002 to provide the Investigative interview techniques and Specialist investigation courses for many Government agencies like the Commercial Affairs Dept, MOM, AGC, etc. He had conducted many In-house investigation courses for both public and private agencies like IRAS, SGX, NCSS, NEA, Customs, Council for Private Education Institutes, Mandarin & Orchard Hotel Group and Flextronics Internal Audit & Compliance (Regional) in China, etc.

He has 5 years of Corporate experience as the Head of Loss Prevention for Sentosa Leisure Group from 2003 to 2007 overseeing the enforcement, security and investigation functions for Sentosa Cove, Golf Club, Tourism Academy, Retail, F&B, Events and Attractions on Sentosa Island. Amongst his many achievements, is the development of investigation capabilities for his Dept and establishing the prosecution system for regulatory offences under the SDC Act. One case he solved using his own interview techniques led to the recovery of $40,000 misappropriated. In recognition for his outstanding performance in Sentosa, he received a Commendation from the Commissioner of the Singapore Police Force for the year 2006.



Jeffery Ang has extensive experience in investigations, security management, enforcement operations and training. He retired from the Police CID in Sep 02 as a S/Inspector and was the Head of Sentosa Leisure Group Loss Prevention Dept from Jan 2003 to Sep 2007. He is also the training provider for Civil Service College since Dec 2002